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Covering a Casket

Casket Image

When used to cover a casket or coffin, the flag should be placed with the blue field covering the head and over the left shoulder. The flag should not be lowered into the grave or touch the ground at any time. The flag should never be used as the covering for a headstone or other statue or monument.

When taken from the casket, the flag should be formally and properly folded as a triangle with only the stars showing.  Subsequently, the flag may be displayed in a storage case or it may be unfolded and flown.

The ceremony of draping the casket with a United States Flag is used to honor veterans, patriotic citizens, and highly regarded state and national officials. Several organizations have defined the meaning of each fold of the flag. These are unique and original with each organization. None are an official part of nor are they included in the Flag Code. Please contact National Flag Foundation for copies of our own flag folding ceremony.